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Founded by architectural designer Daniel Graham-Scott, Free Spirit describes the companies passion of delivering buildings with a sense of something beyond the material, a sense of connection and spirit.


Free Spirit Architectural Design & Conservation Limited was created by Owner and Director Daniel Graham-Scott in November 2014, following redundancy from a Suffolk based Architectural firm.

The companies name, Free Spirit Design & Conservation Limited, embodies this break away from 12 years of working within Architectural practises and the belief that intelligent, inspirational design can provide more than just a building, but a deeper, uplifting and beneficial environment in which to live, work and play.

We treat every project as individually as the Client we are working for.

We truly believe in getting to know the Client; whether they are an individual, couple, family, group or company on an inherently more detailed level so that we may truly understand the long-term requirements involved.

We combine into the mix the existing special characteristics of the site, the requirements and personalities of the Client and our own inventive, open minded and free design principles to develop and create truly individual tailored architectural solutions which do more than just fulfil the brief. We believe that good design does more than just provide a solution to the requirements of the project, it should create and hold something more, something special, something felt instinctively, intuitively, to add spirit to the final building.

From the very beginning we have used a specialist architectural design program called ArchiCAD as standard. This 3D computer design / modelling system brings to life our ideas from concept to the completion of the technical design detailing. This is one of the many things that sets us apart and allows us to work closely with the Client who can see, stage by stage, the designs develop and finalise by use of 3D computer models which are able to be walked through both on the screen and using a Virtual Reality viewer. This system is of great benefit to the Client, planners, building control and construction teams, as the design can be fully understood before realisation.

We have succeeded in bringing inspirational design and spirit to all of our projects over the last 6+ years, which include domestic extensions, conversions, new builds, commercial projects and historic / listed buildings. We can design in both traditional and contemporary styles, or blend the two, adapting to every individual site, Client and brief.

We deliver more than just a building, we deliver inspirational architecture, tailored to you.